CCS has the skills and equipment to provide a range of services, including:

  • Cathodic Protection Surveys
  • Trouble shooting and field repair
  • Design and installation of all types of cathodic protection systems, from sacrificial anodes to deep well impressed current systems
  • AC mitigation
  • Shorted casing testing/repair
  • Air/Hydro-excavation Services

Punch out more potholes faster in harder soil than ever before!

The world’s most powerful air-vacuum excavation system gives you the power to pothole like never before…with high-velocity, supersonic air that explodes the soil from within for easy vacuuming and quick backfilling.

The 4000 is:

The SYSTEM 4000 is the workhorse of vacuum excavators, with the brute force to dig deep down with air, exposing utilities in even the hardest soils without harming them.

Now you can dig faster, easier, and safer in soil that’s hard, wet, sunbaked, or compact, including ground frost.

Our air technology does the work of water faster, easier, and safer.

It’s no secret. Vacuum excavation is the best way to get to buried utilities for verification or repair. Using pick and shovel crews is dangerous, labor intensive, and expensive. Potholing with water and then vacuuming the wet spoils is cumbersome, messy, and could damage the very utilities you are trying to locate or repair.

VACMASTERS has pioneered the use of air in making potholing safe, efficient, less costly, and protective of the buried infrastructure.